Lose weight, build stamina, redefine your body – because you’re as distinctive as your fitness aspirations. Jump-start your metabolism with nutrition plans backed by pioneering science. Get lean muscles with our innovative strength and conditioning techniques. Improve your posture and functional movement abilities. Choose your focus or combine elements of each speciality.

Heal and rebuild your body. Reset and enhance neuropathways to correct movement patterns that allow you to enjoy daily living. Develop the necessary physical habits to improve posture.

Core Exercise

Enhance muscle function and correct imbalances in the body. Ensure that your body is not uneven and re-energize it. Infuse your body with a new vitality.

Be ​confident at any upcoming wedding or vacation. Look your very best at all events by building lean muscle mass. Burn away fat and build up muscle strength.

Reconstruct your metabolism and coach your body to increase fat burning. Bring your body to ​greater levels through high-intensity training.

Build up the speed that you need to excel ​at your sport. Boost your max strength and explosive power to shine as an athlete. Condition your body to become quicker and your metabolism to support you.

Strengthen your body and increase muscle mass. Maintain functionality in the later years by adding to your muscle stores.

Member Reviews


Jasneet K.

"Gurdish and the team at Peak are simply second to none! They've helped me shred weight, gain muscle and clean up my diet. If one is serious about training, look no farther, this is the group to join! The commodore in group training is unbelievable, unmatched, serious results are attained at every class. The value and benefits far exceeds the cost!! Try it and you will love it!"

Jason B.

"It has been a great experience learning proper form, growing strength, and improving conditioning. The specialized programs and flexible scheduled fit my busy schedule, and maximize my performance while competing."

Dan G.

"I get my workout schedule from here. I'm 36 and play soccer. Was over weight and plagued by injuries. 6 months now I have gone from 198 to 165.  I haven't had an injury yet this season and feel great. I recommend to anyone looking to better there lives with a bit of hard work."

Hardeep K.

"Peak Athletics is a great place to achieve your fitness goals. Gurdish leads his classes by example & puts in the hard work alongside his members, which empowers everyone to push themselves harder."

Param M.

"I have gained a lot of knowledge about lifting through the expertise of the head personal trainer, Gurdish. Peak provides many different types of training such as; strength, endurance, power and hypertrophy. Would highly recommend peak athletics to everyone with what ever fitness goals they have in mind."

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